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Disclaimer: VIN MGA53858, MSRP $37570, $3,495 Down, residual $15,311, 36 months, 7500 miles/year. Not all will qualify for lowest rate. No payments until May 1. Koeppel Ford will make payments up to $500/mo. for the first 90 days of any new or renewed lease contract. No cash value. Payments applied to lessee's contract. Can't be combined with other offers. See dealer for complete details. Offers expire 5/3/21.

The Ford Explorer Continues Its Market Dominance

The Explorer Maintains Its Popularity

The Explorer was the first four-door SUV Ford ever made, so it has a rich history of firsts for the brand. Today's Explorer has certainly come a long way since those first models, as they've done a great job adding features like Co-Pilot360 and WiFi connectivity to the mix. When you buy online, you grab a Ford Explorer on your own leisure time. Forget about having to come down to the dealership to look at just a few models. You have the benefit of accessing the entire fleet of Ford Explorers in stock here at Koeppel Ford any time you choose.

Shop online using our digital tools whenever it's convenient for you. We've got payment calculators to help you determine just how which Explorer model you can afford. Narrow down your budget and pinpoint the trim that matches that budget. Explore each Explorer whenever you've got the time instead of just when the dealership is open. You'll also find that our financing tools will drastically cut down the time it takes for you to net your next Explorer.

Shop Online for an Explorer

So why should you shop for an Explorer this year? Well, there's a host of reasons to grab an Explorer. The model itself has been generously given V6 engines for some time now, increasing their horsepower to 300 and over for many years. Even older models of Explorer will feature prominent engines from the past that ramped up the horsepower and configured them with multi-speed transmissions that smoothed out transitions and created one of the smoothest handling experiences in the SUV world.

Thanks to the Explorer's mid-size body, you don't have to worry about the bulk of the larger SUVs. You get greater handling and maneuverability, all with huge amounts of cargo capacity and passenger seating capacity. That makes the Explorer ideal for Brooklyn families who might have a driver or two that don't feel like wrestling with a large SUV.

A Richly Equipped Mid-size SUV

Recent Explorers have received large touchscreen devices as a command center, all of them within the driver and passenger's reach. Navigation features, apps, and connectivity are a part of the recent Explorer's playbook, and they will remain so for as long as there is an Explorer. These newer features take the Explorer to the next level, making it one of the most ultra-modern of all family SUVs in New York City.

The appearance of the Explorer has grown less boxy over the years as well, giving the SUV a sleek, curvy look that hits the spot for those of you out there who want an SUV that turns heads and gets compliments. More often than not, that impressive SUV stuck in traffic that everyone keeps looking at and wondering, "What kind of SUV is that?" It's an Explorer. If you want to command that kind of attention, the Explorer is one of your best bets, and it might just be your best bet this year.

Test Drive at Koeppel Ford Today!

Reading about the Ford Explorer is an important first step, but nothing replaces a good old-fashioned test drive when it comes to picking out your next SUV. We highly recommend that you get in touch with us here in Queens today and test-drive your favorite trim of Explorer. When it comes time to take on the toughest daily tasks of your world, you want a great SUV on your side. The Explorer certainly fits that mold. Call us today to schedule a test drive of your favorite Explorer trim! Our friendly team will be standing by, ready to throw in some great incentives to buy. We know that you have a choice about where to shop, so we're thrilled that you've decided to give us your time and attention. Let our team make buying a new Explorer easier.

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