The engines that are designed for the Ford-150 truck give motorists many towing options so that they can tackle demanding tasks with ease. This is possible because the Ford engineers built five motors that provide benefits during strategic driving situations. Because efficiency is important, all engines are designed with enough horsepower for towing routines that involve heavy units.

While driving a Ford-150 automobile, you won't have to worry about polluting the environment because each engine has EcoBoost. The process of driving a Ford-150 truck along rough roads isn't a hassle since the transmission system implements shifting procedures automatically while the EcoBoost hardware manages emissions when the truck powers through rugged terrain. If you want to test drive the Ford-150 on traditional roads, visit Koeppel Ford. We arrange test drives so that locals can experience the Ford-150's horsepower and torque on a variety of roads in Woodside and surrounding areas.

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