How can you make sure your new or old vehicle is in good health? Maintenance is the answer most mechanics would say. Routine service appointments are most often the cure to most ills for any vehicle. This can be defined by any procedure on the vehicle that keeps it in good operating condition, such as a regular oil change, tire rotation, or brake service. This could also be a radiator flush when prescribed. How do you know when these times are near? An owner's manual will give recommended maintenance times.

The other sure way to ensure a car doesn't face mechanical issues is by regular visits to our service center at Koeppel Ford. You can schedule an appointment today with one our certified professional technicians. We'll perform any routine regularly scheduled maintenance as well as diagnostics on potential new problems. It's the only way to truly alleviate your car of the ills and symptoms that might prohibit it from great travel.

Stop in and settle for your next service appointment in Woodside, NY!

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