Our team at Koeppel Ford is determined to be the local Woodside service solution that you need in times of stress. However, if you are able to pick up in the signs that the car battery is failing, you get to have work done on the car before you wind up stuck somewhere needing emergency service. Consider the failing car battery warning signs and take action.

  • If you open the hood on your vehicle, take a close look to see if the car battery casing is swollen.
  • When you use the car horn, after pressing the button you barely hear anything.
  • Trying to get the car started each morning takes longer and longer for the engine to crank over.
  • After the car does get started, the headlights appear to be very dim.
  • The car interior lighting is either dim or the lights are flickering.
  • The car check-engine light now stays on when the car is running.

Don't make the mistake of ignoring these warning signs when your car battery needs attention. Plan your visit to our dealership at 57-15 Northern Blvd to learn more with one of our mechanics today!

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